"I can finally be happy doing what I love"

I am a singer/songwriter who lives with bipolar disorder and is in recovery from heroin addiction. I have a passion for performing but often find myself with crippling anxiety and depression when it comes time to write music. Although I love to perform, the writing process is particularly stressful for me. However, through mental health counseling with Paul, I was able to get at the root cause of my depression and anxiety and build healthy coping skills so I could manage my emotions in healthier ways when it comes time to write. I now enjoy writing and experiencing life more mindfully, in the moment. This has led not only to more fulfillment in my life, but deeper and more meaningful music.



"I never thought I'd be this healthy"

Since meeting with Paul for counseling I now have a self-care and safety plan that help me maintain my mental health. I feel much more confident that I can handle stressful situations and life on the road.



"Helped me find the headspace to create"

For a lot of musicians, we write that first album as a therapeutic way to process whatever is going on in our lives. Even if the music is heavier, or perceived as "angry", the writing process is often cathartic and therapeutic. Unfortunately, once writing music becomes part of our career, the writing process can feel more like a job and obligation than a way to process what we are going through. This does not lead to a more creative mind space, which limits our art. Paul helped me find the creative space where I can continue to write the type of music I love from a healthy and balanced space, which has helped increase my creativity and ability to write songs I believe in and like.



"Others didn't get it, Paul did"

There is so much temptation on the road, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or sex. Paul has helped me understand the root causes of my addictions and how to manage my substance use.



"Someone I can trust"

I have worked with a lot of mental health professionals over the years, so it was surprising to me when I clicked with Paul, and we established a rapport quickly. Now, almost a year later, I know why. Paul genuinely cares. He is empathetic, understanding, and compassionate. He has also pushed me, when necessary, and I find that invaluable. He has helped me develop better boundaries and create a self-care plan that utilizes my creative energy. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and a history of substance abuse. With Paul I’ve been able to learn and implement skills to manage my mental health, stay in recovery, and start working on trauma. He’s walked with me through relapses and recent trauma and the debilitating waves of anxiety and depression that came after. It’s not overstating to say I don’t know where I’d be today without his help and the work we’ve done together. I’m more stable than I’ve ever been. I’m on fire for life, and I’m full of hope. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have someone willing to fight alongside me for my mental health, my recovery; someone to go to war with me against the demons I face daily. Paul is trustworthy and true; I highly recommend him.



"Exactly What I Needed"

After rehab for alcohol abuse I was in need of a therapist that catered to my creative mind and holistic view on recovery. I hit the jack pot with Paul. Throughout my time with Paul I have had successful trauma relief and recognition, increased my mindfulness skills, and continued my sobriety. I could not recommend him enough.



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